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History, guarding ghost

 Ghost of Squire Olt

Not too much is known about history of Oltyne but how its name came into existence is familiar to each village child. It is not so common that village has own guarding ghost who is at the same moment its founder – which is true of Oltyně. Squire Olt, though historically unrecorded but present at various local legends, probably liked this place so much that he keeps ward over luck of Oltyně long after his death.
According to the most widespread version of old legend, Squire Olt came to local deep forests together with group accompanying King Přemysl Otakar I. who arrived here for hunting. King’s suite lay down on the top of the hill under age-old maple tree and sent out scouts far and near to locate the game. Squire Olt was among them.  As he was riding hither and yonder, he happened on old hart. He fell to haunt him and soon he noticed he got lost. In vain he winded his horn the agreed sound. Only deadly silence returned in response. However, Olt did not despaired. He built up shelter using saplings and wattle, decided to keep till his saviours would arrive.
Indeed, in some days he was found and that shelter served as basis of new village named after him. In the course of time it took the name Oltova Ves (Olt’s Village) and later on in changed to Oltyně.

From time to time Squire Olt appears in Oltyně to keep ward over fortune and peace of citizens.



Extant information document that Oltyně belonged to Castle Příběnice in old times and first references come from the year 1378.
In the first half of 16th century Oltyně was already stated in the list of buildings of Bechyně. In 1551 Oltyně was bought by Jindřich Hozlauer from Hozlau and his son Kryštof let build the fortress in 1560.

In 1635 the manor was acquired by Jan Kryštof Naychyger from Oberneychynk and bound with his other property in Stádlec. The last remark about the fortress is from the year 1790.

The manor of Oltyně was separated again in 1859 from the Stádlec property and became self-dependent. Josef Fellner from Feldegg, those days owner of the manor, constructed the neo-renaissance chateau standing up to the present day in the middle of English park.
Original rectangular building was partly wooden. Later on the right wing was annexed.
After the wedding of Anna Fellner from Feldegg with Jan Křižík, son of Ing. František Křižík, the chateau becomes possession of Křižík family.
At the turn of the thirties the chateau was used as English girl’s college. English maids studied here Slavonic habits and grew into real ladies.
The interior of the chateau was formerly decorated by rich collection of weapons and armour and also great selection of more than two thousand birds from the whole world.

    Wall plastic coat of arms was hidden for years, is preserved in high quality state.

In 2000, after the settling of restitution matters and the transfer of shareholding from his uncle Jan Krizik from Massachusetts became the owner of the chateau Oltyne great-grandson of electrical engineering - inventor Frantisek Krizik, American Jiri Barta.

In autumn 2006 Mr. and Mrs. Barta decided to move from renovated castle.

Since 2006, the chateau is owned by the spouses Hercik, who continued the reconstruction of all, the castle and other buildings belonging to the complex.
Now is chateau Oltyne with the adjacent beautiful park waiting for the new owner, so chateau could once again give its exceptional atmosphere and joy and comfort.

Stories in the county tells about buried treasure by owner of the castle during the Second World War, but also about the looting of property and ugly, but also heartbreaking situations and behavior of people in times of fault.

Sometimes it would be interesting if the walls and trees could speak .-)