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Château Oltyně





    Neo-Renaissance Château Oltyně is located 12 kilometers on the west from Tábor. The first reference about village Oltyně is dated back to the year 1378. Jindřich Hozlauer from Hozlaua bought the village in the year 1551 and his son Kryštof let to build up a citadel there in the year 1560. The last reference to the citadel is from the year 1790. It became an independent estate in the year 1859 while owned by Josef Fellner from Feldegg, the owner of masterdom and master builder of nowadays Neo-Renaissance Château Oltyně that is located in the middle of English park. The château becomes the ownership of Křižík family after the marriage of Anna Fellner from Feldegg with son of Ing. František Křižík, called Jan. It was confiscated after the Second World War and returned to the family after the year 2000.

    The Château Oltyně will be opened in near future for public. It will be not only a relaxation / cultural and educational center with the possibility of an accommodation in a château’s apartments but also a center of cultural and social events.

English park




  The, eight hectares leisurely designed park with a pond and several small glades is empurpled with well-set groups of tree species mainly in the center of the park. It is worth mentioning White Spruce (Picea glauca), pines and junipers from coniferous species. Among remarkable leaved trees growing in the park are locust (Robinia x ambigua), White Birch (Betula pubescent), Eleagnus (Elaeagnus angustifolia) and robust columnar English Oak  (Quercus robur „Fastigiata“).


The park went through many positive but also negative interventions during the past times. Nowadays the actual status is being surveyed and sensitive step by step modifications and maintenance under professional supervision are planned.


foto: Věra Marková